Wellspring of Greenbrier, Inc.
Tuesday, May 26, 2020

About Us

*Assistance to persons in need through issuance of transient packs--nutrition, toiletry & first aid packs.
*Information to disadvantaged individuals and families regarding assistance and services.
*Temporary shelter and food for transient and homeless people.
*Provisions of clothing and other essentials--aid to those with unmet basic needs.
*Ecumenical mission work and faith-based outreach ministry.
*Provided a safe day-haven at the Wellspring Center in Rupert, WV where basic needs are met.
*Assisted in the opening of Hope Haven Men's Shelter in Quinwood, WV. 
 (2016 the shelter became a family crisis center/house fires)
*Pro-actively developed over 25 programs for individuals and families.
*Assisted in the creation of the Meadow River Watershed Association, Inc. and the Renovation of the Meadow River Community Park, Charmco, WV
 *Started a movement in 2004 to raise community awareness about the people living in poverty in Greenbrier County, WV.
 *Created Bread & Soup Express, Etc in 2009 which serves approximately 1200 lunch meals-to-go per month.
 *Collaborated with multiple like-minded organizations, churches, communities, and other non-profit for home repairs to low income family homes.
*continuing and assisting in ongoing flood recovery since 2016.

*involved in multiple community events/Saturday In The Park Family Fun Day!