Wellspring of Greenbrier, Inc.
Sunday, May 16, 2021


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Summer Newsletter
Aug. 28, 2019

          Serving meals to our low-income neighbors has quickly become the most expensive program offered by Wellspring. The number of meals being prepared and served has grown exponentially every year to the current level of over 1,400 per month, and the number continues to rise along with costs . . . the projection for this year (2019) is for over $20,000.


Angela Savino, Wellspring Manager, works

in the kitchen preparing free lunches to give  

out to the qualified public. This particular

meal consists of cornbread, soup, salad and

fruit. Health Department regulations and

nutrition are always uppermost in priority

when serving food. (picture at right)


 Handicap ramps are among the most sought after building projects for Wellspring in Greenbrier County. Over the past 15 years,more than 45 ramps of various shapes and sizes have been constructed by work teams assisting Wellspring. These teams come from all over the country to offer assistance to those needing help. The ramp at left was constructed by a group of business execs, led by our good friend, Frank Wheeler, who volunteered the free services of these fine men. Since none of them were able to see the finished product, I hope they will have the opportunity to view the picture at left.


Providing clothes of all types and for all

seasons is an important program for the

low-income community. Donated items

which are cleaned and sorted by gender,

age and size are made available at the

Wellspring Center at regular events four

times each year and for special occasions.

The team of volunteers at right is from

Bethlehem Farm, the Catholic Retreat

Center nearby, and are all college students

serving the needs of the poor during their

summer break.


Counseling is a significant issue for our

team of volunteers at Wellspring for a

multitude of reasons. Some sessions

involve budgeting, others discern specific

needs, while still others may range from

homelessness to drugs to bipolarism and

prescribed medications. No two cases are

the same which means that a great amount

of training and flexibility and skill is needed

by those providing the various sessions.

Scarlett Kellerman heads up this important

area of service, and can be seen at left

meeting with a prospective client.


Offering household goods to the low-income

community is an extremely popular and

important service. Everything is free and items

range from pots and pans to microwave ovens.

It is amazing to see just how desperate some                                                       

people are for things we all take for granted;

i.e dishes, sheets, cups and glasses, towels,

eating utensils, etc. Note the group of

clients and volunteers “shopping” at right.                              


          Wellspring has been so very blessed over the years to have connected with so many of you who have become loyal supporters, and who have recognized the tremendous unmet needs of our disadvantaged neighbors.

While we, Scarlett and Fred Kellerman, did not start out to create a formal type of non-profit corporation, we never-the-less found ourselves enmeshed in a service organization from which there was no turning back. The needs were too great to ignore! Plus, on top of this is the simple fact that founding and running Wellspring has been the most rewarding experience of our lives. No two people have ever been more blessed than we.

          That’s the good news! Now come the plain, pure facts of life. We are in need of funds. This comes as no surprise, I’m sure. The programs and services offered by Wellspring and its strong team of volunteers are costly and to cut back on any one of the 26 crucial services just doesn’t sit well with any of us.

On top of this, we are getting along in years (I jokingly tell people that we’re approaching middle age); but the truth is that Scarlett and Fred must consider the future of Wellspring as it morphs into a new era with new leadership. This means that in the coming months, we must address the cost of an executive director. Up to this point, Wellspring has had no payroll . . . everyone has been a volunteer; but realistically, this can’t continue. . . so, we’re actively searching for that “qualified” individual to take the reins.

          Don’t think for a minute that we’re going to just walk away. This work is too vital to our area; but the future is at hand and must be addressed . . . so this is where we need your assistance. You’ve been most generous to us in the past and now we’re asking you to continue supporting Wellspring with your donations. If possible, send your check, payable to Wellspring of Greenbrier, Inc. to P.O. Box 43, Rupert, WV 25984. We promise to keep you posted as to our progress and new developments.

          Thanks, and God’s blessings to each of you!


At right: Scarlett and Fred at some

    meeting somewhere.


    They do, on occasion, clean

    up and dress up!