Wellspring of Greenbrier, Inc.
Sunday, May 16, 2021

Purpose and Mission


We believe that through our varied traditions, God is seen in the faces of the poor. We believe that solving problems of our society is of paramount importance, and that all persons have the right to shelter, food, clothing, education, health care and employment. These rights must be provided to all persons regardless of race, class, sex, religion, creed, sexual identity, age, handicap or national origin.

Wellspring of Greenbrier, Inc. aspires to the goal of assisting the poor and oppressed, of creating programs that help those in need to be able help themselves, treating all persons with dignity as they seek to live their lives without fear, and of empowering those who know about substandard housing, AIDS, joblessness, loneliness, and all the other social ills which plague our country, our state and our nation to find a common voice that will lead to answers.