Wellspring of Greenbrier, Inc.
Sunday, May 16, 2021

Seasonal Activities

*Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Wellspring of Greenbrier, Inc. has amended the calendar and postponed numerous events.

The following list of Seasonal Activities remains a template. 



Seasonal Activities


                                        January                Share the Warmth -->Electric, Wood,Oil,Propane,Etc.

                                                    Recruit Volunteer Community Cooks for takeout lunches (new 2020)

                                                    Recruit Community Volunteer's for Resource Center (new 2020)

                                                    Martin Luther King Jr. Day --> GO MARCH! Greenbrier County Court House 

                                                    Winter Outerwear events

                                                    Center Closed on Snow/Flood Days 


                            February               Share the Warmth (Continues) LIEAP (low income energy assistance program)

                                                   Winter Blowout - Registration Required

                                                   Winter Health Event - TBA

                                                   Annual Winter Book Bonanza 


                          March                    Children's Spring/Summer Clothing Event

                                                    Children's Oral Hygiene Week

                                                    Mission Teams begin Home Improvement Work

                                                    Women & Teen Girl's Spring/Summer Clothing Event

                                                    Women & Teen Girl's Oral Hygiene Week

                                                    Men & Teen Boy's Spring/Summer Clothing Event

                                                    Men & Teen Boy's Oral Hygiene Week


                            April                      Community Home Improvement Mission Teams (Continue)

                                                         Family Fun Night - Friday 24th, 6 P.M. - 7 P.M.  Food, Games, and Prizes

                                                                           7:30 P.M. - 9 P.M.   Movie and Popcorn

                                                         Health Event - TBA


                            May                      Sunshine Skin Care Event - Registration Required

                                                         Local, College, University, High School, Mission Teams

                                                         Church, Local/Out-of-State Mission Teams Arriving

                                                         Spring Break - TBA 


                                           June                   Continuing Local Church, High School, University, Mission Teams

                                                   Repairs and Painting Outside Wellspring Center Building

                                                   Family Fun Night - TBA


                                July                   Happy 4th of July Center Closed


                                   August              Bethlehem Farm Family Week Mission Teams

                                                 TBA Center CLOSED for Summer break!

                                                 Household Event


                              September         Close out Household Event

                                                 Good News Shoes Collection

                                                 Bethlehem Farm Masters Week Mission Teams

                                                 Fall Blow-Out

                                                                   * EVERYTHING MUST GO!


                                        October             Fall-Clean up

                                               Kids Krazy Klozet Daze

                                               Women & Teen Girl's Krazy Klozet Daze

                                               Bethlehem Farm College Week Mission Teams

                                               Men & Teen Boy's Krazy Klozet Daze

                                               Bethlehem Farm College Week Mission Teams

                                               Center CLOSED for Fall Break!


                      November           Adopt-A-Family

                                               Delivery of Clothing to WSS

                                               Oral Health

                                               Center CLOSED for Thanksgiving Week 


                      December          Appalachian Gift and Devotional Distribution 

                                                                * Food Pantries

                                                                * Community Centers

                                                                * Nursing homes

                                                                * Etc..


                                                            --> Food and Gift Collection at Wellspring

                                                            --> Other Elves.

                                             Center CLOSED for Christmas/Winter Break!



Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! 2020