Wellspring of Greenbrier, Inc.
Saturday, October 19, 2019

Seasonal Activities

Season Activities

                                        January           Share the Warmth -->Electric, Wood,Oil,Propane,Etc.

                                                    Recruit Volunteer Community Cooks for takeout lunches (new 2020)

                                                    Recruit Community Volunteer's for Resource Center (new 2020)

                                                    Martin Luther King Jr. Day --> GO MARCH! Greenbrier County Court House 

                                                    Winter Outerwear events

                                                    Center Closed on Snow/Flood Days 


                            February          Share the Warmth (Continues) LIEAP (low income energy assistance program)

                                                    Bed & Bath Event - Registration Required

                                                    Winter Health Event - TBA

                                                    Annual Winter Book Bonanza


                            March              Prepare Meadow River Park for Spring Opening

                                                    Children's Spring/Summer Clothing Event

                                                    Children's Oral Hygiene Week

                                                    Mission Teams begin Home Improvement Work

                                                    Women & Teen Girls Spring/Summer Clothing Event

                                                    Women & Teen Girls Oral Hygiene Week

                                                    Men & Teen Boy's Spring/Summer Clothing Event

                                                    Men & Teen Boy's Oral Hygiene Week

                                                    Open Meadow River Community park/Charmco


                            April                 Community Home Improvement Mission Teams (Continue)

                                                    Family Fun Night - TBA

                                                    Health Event - TBA


                            May                 Sunshine Skin Care Event Registration Required

                                                    Local, College, University, High School, Mission Teams

                                                    Church, Local/Out-of-State Mission Teams Arriving

                                                    Spring Break - TBA 

                                           June                            Continuing Local Church, High School, University, Mission Teams
                                                          Repairs and Painting Outside Wellspring Center Building
                                                          Family Fun Night - TBA
                                July                   Happy 4th of July Center Closed