Wellspring of Greenbrier, Inc.
Saturday, September 26, 2020

Assistance Programs

Wellspring of Greenbrier, Inc.

Present & Past Assistance Programs 

Please be aware that due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, many of Wellspring's Programs have been put on hold. We are unable to welcome people into the Resource Center at this time, and we are unable to hold any programs that may promote large social gatherings. New approaches to continuing programs are being developed.

1.      Adopt-A-Family
         Food, clothing, games & gifts to individuals and families at Christmas. Families are matched with generous individuals,      
           churches, and organizations who purchase and prepare items for distribution in Nov. and Dec.
2.      Appliance and Furniture Pick-up and Delivery
        since 2005, this has been a year-round program serving county residents as needed through donated items. Beginning in 2018, Wellspring has phased
          out this program as of February 28, 2019. 
3.      Book Bonanza/Book Blast
         Variety of books offered to low income community. Advertised three day events during summer and winter.
4.      Bountiful Bags
         Collection of non-perishable staples from county businesses, churches, individuals, for the Bread & Soup Express, Etc.
         The center maintains a pantry year round for the preparation of low income individuals and families.
5.      Bread & Soup Express, Etc.
        Since 2009, this program has provided and distributed fully prepared packaged meals to-go for low income applicants.
          The Center is open on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for meals pickup from 11am-noon and 1pm-2pm. Meals consist of soups, salads, meats, 
          vegetables, fruits, and loaves of bread. Years 2009-2019 the center provided 1200-1400 meals per month.
6.     Case Management
        Daily intake and processing of applications for individuals and families in need of basic necessity assistance, including data processing,
          collecting and tracking target groups. This is an ongoing program. Individual counselling is available upon request for families needing
          guidance with monthly income and expense management (budgeting).
7.     Clothing/Household Goods
         Assistance with items (as donated) to individuals and families. These are advertised open-house events offered 4 times per year at
           the Wellspring Center. Pre-registration is usually required, which includes monthly income information. This program is ongoing.
8.     Coats/Blankets
         Donated collections are conducted year-round and distributed as needs dictate. This is part of the Share-The-Warmth program and is ongoing,
            primarily during the months of Oct-Feb.
9.    Community Improvement
        Assisting in pro-active organization of community improvement projects capable of self-management
          (i.e. Hope Haven's Emergency Shelter,Meadow River Community Park, His Way Outreach/World Vision, Bethlehem Farms and other miscellaneous
          community projects.).
10.   Community Service
         Volunteer assigned hours of community work through DHHR, schools, courts and other entities. These are usually on site at the
            Wellspring Center and are ongoing events.
11.   Resource and Day Center
        Safe day haven with on site services including free laundry, handicapped bath and shower,           
          prayer room, children’s activity area, hot and cold refreshments, and library with comfortable reading area. Hours of operation are
          Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 9 a.m-noon, 1 p.m-4 p.m. Closed for lunch 12 p.m.-1 p.m.
12.   Dental Health Care
        The center hosts programs and provides information regarding oral health year round. Tooth brushes, toothpaste, floss, and 
          pamphlets for dental care are usually provided in conjunction with family events.
13.   Educational scholarships
        Opportunities for corporations, small business organizations, and individuals to contribute to an existing              
          scholarship fund for low-income students needing college and trade/vocational assistance. This is an ongoing program.
14    Family Fun Night/Day
            Three times per year, families with children gather at Wellspring for an evening of games, food, prizes, and a movie with popcorn. Saturday in
          the Park Family Fun Day is an event on the last Saturday in July for everyone in the community. This is an afternoon picnic
          with outdoor games, prizes, music, and lots of fun! (Be prepared for a rain shower! Everyone can run to the shelters!)
15.   Financial Management
        Individual assessment and counseling to persons needing guidance with monthly income and expenses. This is an ongoing program.
16.   Good News Seekers
        Faith Sharing Bibles, devotional guides and other Christian educational materials are provided for spiritual enrichment. A prayer room is
          available during open hours at the center from 9 a.m - 4 p.m on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, each week. This is an ongoing program.
17.   Guest Office Project
        Providing on-site office space and outreach services for various agencies to the Meadow River Valley area.
          This three year program was discontinued in 2008.
18.   Home Improvement
        Mission volunteers from community, churches, schools, and universities across the country assist with repairs to homes
          (i.e. roofs, ramps, windows, doors, painting, etc.). Since 2014, this program has taken place during spring, summer, and fall .
19.   Homelessness Assistance
        Wellspring's resource center provides assistance with physical, emotional, and spiritual needs as well as 
          direction for self-sufficiency for those in need. Along with the WV Coalition to End Homelessness
          and other organizations, Wellspring works as a diversionary service to shelter transient and homeless people. This is an ongoing program.
20.   Last Friday Bluegrass Supper
        Monthly community free supper and entertainment at the Wellspring Center, held on the last Friday of each month,
          February through October. This program was discontinued in 2015 and replaced with a quarterly Family Fun Night/Family Fun Day.
21.   Love your Neighbor & Feed A-Family
        Wellspring collects food in the Winter and Spring. These items include non-perishable canned and boxed food which have not expired.
22.  Meadow River Community Park
       Eight acre park at Charmco near Rainelle available for community activities. Property deeded to Wellspring in 2008. Grants provided
        by Meadow River Watershed Association. The Meadow River Valley Association was deeded the property from Wellspring in 2020. Anyone 
        interested in renting the park for an event should call 304-646-7616.
23.   Mission Meals/Fundraiser Events
       Meals and other fund producing programs provided to the public for “compassionate giving opportunities” to assist the working poor and
         low-income community. This is an ongoing program as needed.
24.   Neighborhood Investment Program
        State tax credit vouchers offered in return for donations from individuals and corporations with a minimum of $500 required. Program is offered        
          through the West Virginia Development Office to benefit non-profit entities. This is an annual program since 2005.
25.   Networking and Collaboration
        Working with private and public entities and organizations as well as churches and government agencies to expand services to the                
          working poor population (i.e. Bethlehem Farm,Catholic Charities WV, Fruits of Labor, Appalachian Outreach, Inc., the Meadow River Valley
          Ministerial Assoc.and other ministerial associations).This is an ongoing program.
 26.   Nutrition Program
         WVU Extension Service classes teaching good food practices, purchasing, preparation and sampling. Also, Dining with Diabetes sessions           
           offering food planning, preparation and instruction to individuals and families. Vegetable gardening and produce sharing instructions offered as
           advertised. This program is offered annually during Spring, Summer, and Fall.
27   Share-The-Warmth
         Providing funds for primary heating costs through collaboration with other service providers to keep low-income homes warm during cold weather
           from October-March. Donations are sought from individuals, churches, organizations, and grants to the fund program. This is an ongoing program.
28.   Santa’s/Toys & Gifts
        Special and “everyday” items and gifts for elderly/handicapped, senior centers and assisted living centers. Also, toys and gifts primarily        
          to food pantry recipients during the month of December. This is an annual ongoing program.
29.    Transient Pack Program
         Provisions of nutrition, toiletries and first-aid packs assembled for people traveling through Greenbrier County. Also, limited temporary
           shelter is offered along with travel provisions. This is an ongoing program.
30.    Sunny Summer Toy's and Snacks
         Snacks, games, and outdoor toys for low income children during a one time mid-summer advertised event. Pre-registration is required
           by parents or caregivers. This is an annual ongoing event.
31.    Volunteer Recruitment & Training
         Basic and on-the-job training for volunteers at Wellspring Resource Center at Rupert. West Virginia Works with DHHR, community service hours
           and other individual and group volunteer opportunities, including mission-orientation training, is offered throughout the year.
           This is an ongoing program since 2004.
32 Work Force-Connections
           Young adults meet monthly for Life-Ready, Job-Ready programs with Work Force leaders. Program continues to meet throughout Greenbrier county
          at different locations..
33.    Work & Special Needs Projects
           Construction and/or repair work designed for service organizations, schools, churches, etc, at the Wellspring Center or outside in the community.
          Ongoing annual program.
                                                    *Note: Wellspring programs are subject to change and may not all be listed